Early Years (Pre-KG & KG1)

One of the most important moments in your child’s life is their first day of school. From the minute that your child walks through the door, Dunecrest American School in Dubai will provide a safe and nurturing environment in which your child will grow and thrive.

Our teachers work collaboratively to provide a welcoming environment that fosters independence, is developmentally appropriate, and encourages a passion for learning through authentic exploration and hands-on experiences.

Through the joy of play and collaborative investigations, children participate in a journey of discovery of themselves, others, and the natural world, forming connections and sparking meaningful learning. This provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in the next phase of their learning journey.

As parents of students at Dunecrest you play a key role in the success of your child’s development. You are partners in their educational experience and will have many opportunities to celebrate, support and engage in learning you’re your child.

Academic Programs:

Early Childhood encompasses both Pre-KG and KG1. Students range from 3-5 years old during their time in this program.

The Early Years Program follows the Creative Curriculum and the AERO Common Core Plus Curricular Standards for Science and Math.


Integrated into the learning standards provided by the Creative Curriculum for Math are the AERO Common Core Plus Curricular Standards for Pre-Kindergarten.

These standards are divided into the mathematical domains of counting, numbers in base ten, operations and algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. In addition, children are immersed in learning developmentally appropriate mathematical practices so that they are ready to meet the expectations of the Common Core during their next phase of learning.

Student Support

Students in the Early Years program will be supported by an Early Years Counselor who will implement a guidance program based on the standards of ‘The International Model for School Counseling Programs.’ The Guidance curriculum follows learning standards which are aligned from Pre-K to Grade 12 and are developmentally appropriate.


AERO Common Core Plus has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The NGSS also provides some pre-learning standards for the early years. Dunecrest integrates the NGSS into the investigations and topics provided by the Creative Curriculum. The standards are taught through hands on experiments and collaborative learning.

The NGSS approach learning in a cyclical format. Ideas are introduced in earlier stages and built upon at more advanced levels at later stages of a child’s education.

The Pre-Kindergarten standards address concepts that are developmentally appropriate under these broad subject area headings:

• Matter and its interactions
• Forces and Motion
• Waves and Their Application
• From Molecules to Organisms, Structures and Processes
• Hereditary Inheritance and Traits
• Earth’s place in the universe
• Earth’s systems
• Earth and Human Activity

An example of a learning standard for the Pre-Kindergarten stage is:
‘Plan and conduct an investigation to determine the effect of sunlight on Earth’s surface.’