High School

The Dunecrest High School is committed to offering a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum which is challenging and engaging for students.

At Dunecrest we believe that education is not solely about academics. Learning is a continuous and holistic process that engages the whole child. High quality teaching supports students in their journey to discovering their place in the world and understanding their responsibility to contribute positively to it. Students engage in hands on learning, design, exploration and innovation, and are given a broad range of choices , enabling them to pursue their individual passions.

At Dunecrest we see students as partners in learning and recognize that students have something to teach us, as expressed by Dr. Russell Quaglia:

• Students can teach us about their future hopes and dreams.

• Students can teach us how they learn best.

• Students can teach us about the conditions that support their learning.

• Students can teach us about their interests and areas of expertise as well as the personal experiences of race or otherness that shape their worldview.

• Students learn by teaching.

By listening to our students, we will help them grow as learners and achieve their goals.

In addition to the wide range of academic courses, the High School offers an extensive range of athletic and co-curricular options. Through participation in sports, clubs and activities, students will have many opportunities to grow and learn beyond the classroom.

Academic Programs:

During the 2019-2020 Academic year the school we are expandnig to offer the choice of two academic pathways, the American High School Diploma program and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), for students in Grade 11 and continue the expansion into the 2020-2021 school year with the addition of courses for students in Grade 12. Learn more about the IBDP pathway .

The American High School Diploma program is aligned to the AERO Common Core Plus curricular standards and offers courses in English, Science, Humanities, Math, Programming, Robotics, World Languages, Physical Education and the Arts. The curriculum is designed in interdisciplinary, project based units which challenges students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Technology standards are interwoven into all curricular units.

Students in Grade 9 continue to be engaged in independent and small group design projects, but their focus is narrowed to designing solutions to solving problems related to sustainability.

Students in Grade 10 participate in an ‘Individual Investigation’ which requires them to engage in an independent research project on a subject of their choice and submit their study as an academic paper so that they may develop their research, academic writing and information literacy skills.


Our bright, beautiful, 8-acre campus has been thoughtfully designed with students’ well-being, community dynamics and modern pedagogical standards in mind. Click on the inquire now button to visit our campus virtually!