Virtual Learning

As per the latest directives of the UAE government on March 31, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunecrest American School will deliver an extended virtual learning program till the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Read the official decree here.

Since March 22, 2020, Dunecrest American School has been delivering e-learning using a variety of platforms using our virtual learning framework. Since the announcement of the extension on March 31, 2020, our principals and teachers continue to work within this framework so that our students can continue on their journey of educational excellence.

Virtual Learning Objective
To implement a plan that allows our students to continue their learning through various online platforms; providing each student with a robust program and regular, meaningful support during the suspension of formal classes.

Components of the Virtual Learning Plan

Virtual Learning Approach

We are committed to delivering an approach to virtual learning that provides

  • A procedure for online learning opportunities with a daily video and student activities.
  • A structured timetable that provides lessons for each class.
  • A combination of video lessons, recorded lessons, and learning activities that includes feedback to students.
  • Lessons and activities that show progression or new learning-not just revision or consolidation.
  • An appropriate amount of work.
  • Ongoing and active support from teachers.

Virtual Learning Platforms

Virtual Learning Platforms

The following platforms support the continued delivery of our program, allow for video interaction, student submission of learning activities, and collaboration among all groups. Our students, faculty and parents are familiar with these platforms and should support our learning needs with the least amount of disruption and confusion.

  • Parent Communication through email and PowerSchool. Parents and students have access and students use this site for their daily schedule, and secondary school grade book.
  • Seesaw - This platform is already being used in the PreK to Grade 4 classrooms. This allows for formative and summative assessments as well as opportunities for teacher feedback.
  • Google Classroom - This platform is already in use in Grades 5 to 11 and allows for the teachers to create, distribute, and grade assignments.
  • One Note - This platform is already in use in Grades 5 to 11 and allows for the teachers to create, distribute, and grade assignments.
  • WhatsApp - Mostly used by teachers and secondary school classes. This app allows the staff as well as staff and students to stay connected and contact each other for support.
  • Google Apps - We use all of the apps for teaching and to support and share learning.
  • Screencastify - This will be the program teachers make their videos to send to the students.

Communication Roles and Responsibilities - Leadership Team

  • Continue to develop the initial plan to build on success.
  • Meet with parents, faculty and parents for feedback.
  • Send out news and information to all community members.
  • Communicate with parents and students about concerns when work is not completed.
  • Daily faculty meeting.
  • Parent/student meetings as needed.


Students will receive lessons in all their subject areas. For the younger students a mixture of video lessons and hands on learning activities will be presented because they will not be able to sit and watch a screen for long periods of time. Teachers will start each lesson with a video so the students can see the teacher and hear the directions.

Office Hours

  • A member of the Leadership Team will be available from 8 am to 4 pm every day to answer questions.
  • The teachers are also providing office hours to answer any questions about the assignments or to provide support. This will be done on line.

Communication with Families

  • Director - Daily update on state of affairs.
  • Principal - Daily email to students and parents about learning updates.
  • Teachers - Daily email with lesson assignments, videos and support documents.

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