Dunecrest American School, like its sister schools within the Esol network, will enjoy a rich array of diverse curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the school year.

With creative expression being a crucial part of the learning journey, our talented team of qualified, professional artists and musicians will guide students as they discover and develop their talents from visual arts to performing arts to theatre, with programs starting right from Elementary School and extending to the IB Arts programs in High School.

Dunecrest’s Athletic Department will develop a comprehensive program of organized sports to encourage our young athletes, instill in them a love of fitness and wellness, as well as teach them the values of good sportsmanship. Our school will also participate in various UAE and international sports leagues with opportunities for students to travel for inter-school competitions and bring home the gold!

Our After-School Activity program will offer students an opportunity to learn new skills and experiment with a range of varied pursuits, from Yoga and Dance to Robotics and Coding, conveniently scheduled after school hours with transportation options available.

And when classroom walls fall away, students experience and interact with the real world, bringing to life academic concepts and ideas. Whether it’s understanding world issues by participating in Model United Nations conference, pursuing CAS hours for their IB courses, undergoing physical challenges at camps, visiting space centers, or simply traveling to donate resources to underprivileged students, each opportunity for outdoor education beyond the classroom reinforces learning and provides invaluable, unforgettable lessons, adding value beyond measure to a child’s education.

Dunecrest’s broad reach with expert educational content providers and organizations allows us to create a powerful out-of-class education program starting from Middle School and extending to High School.


Our bright, beautiful, 8-acre campus has been thoughtfully designed with students’ well-being, community dynamics and modern pedagogical standards in mind. Click on the inquire now button to visit our campus virtually!