Experience our School

At Dunecrest American School, we welcome our students into a warm, caring, friendly and nurturing learning community, where each individual is recognized for his or her talents and abilities.

Life at Dunecrest is diverse and engaging. Students’ voices are valued, and strong community bonds enable children to learn and develop in a safe and welcoming environment.

Early Childhood and Elementary School

The beginning of the school day is an important time for Early Childhood and Elementary School students. They arrive at school and engage with their peers, developing friendships that will grow with them through the years. As the school day begins, they will separate into specific tasks and focused effort. From the ingredients of storytelling to concrete explorations of mathematics concepts, from the lyrics of a song to the joys of art, students learn actively throughout the day. Comprehension occurs together as much as it does alone, sparked equally by a teacher’s observation and by the thoughts of a fellow student. Relationships with each other and with teachers thrive through mutual inspiration.

Middle School

The capacity to learn intensifies throughout Middle School. As students encounter increased complexities and the realities of constant change, the development of life skills becomes imperative. Physical education ramps up because healthy bodies enable healthy minds. Service to one other and to the community becomes an important part of a healthy balance. Meanwhile, academic challenges and a wide range of extracurricular activities impel students to realize their full intellectual potential, leading them to excite and surprise themselves.

High School

High School students are engaged in focused activity, honing skills to serve them throughout life. They grapple with moral questions through religion, English, and history courses. They embody a playwright’s idea by acting it out. They understand technology by writing code. They converse in Spanish or French. There is so much to do. Alone and together, High School students engage in song, volunteer work, varsity sports, and preparation for college admissions. They publish. They plan and present. They share who they are becoming with the world. It is a very full life, yet marked all the while with moments of peaceful, reflective insight. What better way is there to prepare for what comes next?


Our bright, beautiful, 8-acre campus has been thoughtfully designed with students’ well-being, community dynamics and modern pedagogical standards in mind. Click on the inquire now button to visit our campus virtually!