What you'll need to bring

We have made some grade specific supply lists for you, so you know exactly what will be expected of each of our grades, come August 29 at Dunecrest American School.

Take the time to select your grade level and download your supply list. Uniform options, BYOD Program details and Dunecrest health forms are also available below.


At Dunecrest we are very aware of the need to ensure technology is integrated optimally into the academic program, while maintaining a commitment to quality relationships and face to face connectedness. For social interaction is so critical in developing the 'whole' child. Throughout the school day there will be occasions when we purposefully disengage from technology so that students can experience the fullness of their senses and creativity. In this context we take seriously our responsibility to ensure students experience the power of technology in ways which are ethical, transparent, social and educative. To ensure we offer the best available opportunities for students to access technology related tools and resources we have undertaken extensive research and determined the following requirements for next year. Please click the button below for more information. 

BOYD Program