The opening of 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge
To mark Earth Day on 22 April 2021, Project Maji and Dunecrest American School have joined forces to raise awareness around the global water crisis and offer students tools to contribute to solutions through an engaging, fun and challenging campaign. The collaboration is furthermore geared towards creating lasting change in water insecure communities by raising funds to support Project Maji's work in rural Kenya.
Mr. Bill, and the students who participated in 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge.

6x6 Water Warrior Challenge

The campaign has been titled the 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge. From 18 until 24 April, Project Maji and Dunecrest American School will roll out a 6-day long activation engaging Dunecrest students in 6 age-appropriate water challenges, raising 60 AED each to provide lifetime safe water access to one person in Kenya. Why 6? Because on average, women in Sub-Saharan Africa walk 6 km every day to fetch water for their families. That is an unacceptable distance for anyone to have to cover for a sip of water. Funds and awareness raised through the campaign will help to relieve the water collection burden of hundreds of women and girls in Wendano Community, Machakos County, Kenya.

Tenets of the 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge are four-fold:

  • Educate students about the global water crisis and offer tools to contribute to solutions through a creative, engaging, fun and challenging campaign.
  • Raise awareness about the water crisis in terms of scarcity and equity.
  • As a result of this awareness, help bring about changes in everyday behaviour, consumption patterns and thought processes to help reduce individual water footprints.
  • Demonstrate, through this collaboration with Project Maji, how to bring about lasting change in communities and raise funds for Project Maji to bring safe water access to Wendano Primary School in Kenya creating (WinS) - Water in Schools.

What are the 6 challenges?

The 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge includes a combination of three in-school and three at-home age-appropriate challenges for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle & High School levels. Consistent across all levels is a water bucket challenge designed to familiarize students with the lived experience of walking 6 kilometres, looking for water. In addition, a set of at-home activities have been designed to instil an appreciation of water as a scarce resource as well as the struggles that lack of water implies. Students will choose three at-home activities that they find the most interesting, for example:

  1. Participate in our STEAM-based, age-appropriate virtual Water Warrior Workshops (open to the public) on hydroponics, hidden H2O and water wars on the Nile River on Saturday April 24th at 3pm
  2. Eat vegetarian one day to conserve the high water footprint of meat (particularly beef)
  3. Calculate your personal “water footprint”
  4. Experience a 5-gallon water day (to mimic the reality lived by millions in Sub-Saharan Africa)– make a TikTok video and share
  5. Undertake a 6-km water walk and share a picture using #EarthDay21 @ProjectMaji.

Fundraising to create WinS (Water in Schools):

The campaign will run for 6 days, each day each student will complete one challenge and set aside/save AED 10, and donate AED 60 at the end of the campaign (voluntarily) to Project Maji. Funds will be raised to support the provision of safe water to Wendano Primary School in Kenya creating WinS (Water in Schools). Through a uniquely developed concept, Project Maji situates a solar-powered water kiosk close to the school premises. A pipeline extension to an exclusive water point for school pupils is then created, which is connected to a wash basin to promote hand hygiene at the same time. WinS allows us to provide safe water to the students during school timings for free, yet the nearby community can access the communal water point 24/7.

Project Maji is a registered NGO and an official member of the International Humanitarian City. For this campaign, Dunecrest American School will act as the fundraising partner under IACAD license number 3739 and collect funds through 6X6 Water Warrior Challenge campaign page on YallaGive.

Sunil Lalvani, Founder & CEO of Project Maji: "This is a one of its kind partnership for Project Maji in this region, and we are floored by the enthusiasm expressed by Dunecrest management and teachers to orchestrate a conversation around the global water crisis. Their willingness to educate future changemakers is truly inspiring for us. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited to see the response the 6x6 Water Warrior Challenge will receive."

School Director, Bill Delbrugge enthused “At Dunecrest our core mission is to help students realise their power to change the world. Our project-based learning helps children understand complex real world problems and acquire critical problem-solving skills and empathy needed to resolve them. Our students and teachers are truly inspired by the Project Maji team and their ability to improve lives. We feel fortunate to have this opportunity to start a meaningful dialogue with our students about water scarcity and to have them work alongside such an ambitious and impactful organization on the key social and environmental issue of our age.”

About Project Maji:

Project Maji is a non-profit safe water enterprise, working to provide sustainable access to safe water to rural communities and growth centres in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We replace borewells and broken handpumps and design, develop and implement solar-powered water kiosks, called the Project Maji Cube. Till date, we have deployed 67 solar-powered water kiosks across off-grid communities in rural Ghana and Kenya serving more than 65,000 people with more than 150 million litres of safe water. A registered NGO in Ghana and UAE, and an official member of the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, Project Maji is on a mission to serve 1 million people with clean water by the year 2025. To learn more visit us at:

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