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Raising Multilingual Children


Dunecrest American School invites Multilingual Parents to Learn How to Support Mother Tongue Languages

at dunecrest, 70% of our community speaks two or more languages.  we have partnered with baby arabia founder, nadia wehbe, to bring you an accessible webinar for families who want to learn more about bilingualism. 

This 60-minute zoom session will address the challenges associated with supporting Children's bilingual development throughout childhood and provide you will practical tools to successfully raise children speaking their mother tongue. Dunecrest and non-Dunecrest families are welcome! 
Specific topics include:
  • How children become bilingual
  • Activities that boost language skills in Early Childhood
  • Common misconceptions
  • Evaluate and discuss common challenges of bilingualism
  • Acquire a range of strategies to resolve common problems 
  • Questions & Answers 
Who should attend:
  • Parents who want to raise children with two or more languages
  • Parents/ carers of children who are growing up in a home with two or more languages
  • Early educators working with bilingual or multilingual children
  • Parents who want to introduce another language to their child

Please RSVP for the live webinar on February 24 at 10 a.m.


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