Pupils act as mentors at UAE schools to beat the bullies

At Dunecrest American School in Dubai, a group of pupils have decided that no one should have to sit by themselves during lunchtime. They walk through the halls and if they notice someone is having a bad day, they talk to them. It is an inclusive attitude that starts at the top. The school’s headmaster, Bill Delbrugge, has an open-door policy.

Mr Delbrugge has his office in a landing area so that pupils can approach him easily. “Guidance counsellors and I check with pupils and ask them questions,” he said. “It's not just about their academic performance, it’s also about the pupil as a person and his or her life. Open the doors and ask them about what is going in their lives.”

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Dubai Fitness Challenge: 12-year-old trades screen time for sports

Determined to press pause on social media, limit mobile phone use and focus on her health, a Dubai pre-teen has taken on the Fitness Challenge.

Ellie McCabe, a 12-year-old student at the Dunecrest American School, will be participating in as many sports as she can during the challenge to reach her goal of a healthy lifestyle. She hopes to continue her journey of doing regular exercises even after the challenge is over.

"I've decided to take part in this year's fitness challenge because it is important to put down my electronic devices and to get moving. And also, my school has encouraged us to join and it will count as part of our grade, but I don't mind because it's a lot of fun," McCabe said.

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Why traditional textbooks could be a thing of the past

by Bill Delbrugge, Director, Dunecrest American School

For decades, textbooks were seen as the underpinning foundation for learning in schools across the world. They were a fundamental part of the educational infrastructure, assigned to students for each subject and carried in heavy backpacks every day – from home to school and back again.

In today’s world, student life has been revolutionised on every level. Their learning experiences are almost incomparable to the days without technology and infinite knowledge made accessible through technological advancements. With constantly evolving technological tools and an increase in digital curriculum materials, we are seeing a move away from textbooks.

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How to create a positive school environment

by Bill Delbrugge, Director, Dunecrest American School

Positive school environments are not developed through gimmicks or flashy equipment-filled entrance halls. They are created through helping students find success. This may seem simple but it is true, success breeds success and the culture of a school must be designed to promote this simple but powerful concept.

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Meet the Principal

“Students in our Middle School will have one-on-one career and education goal-setting meetings with principals, teachers and guidance counselors. Based on these plans, each student will have an individual educational plan, including career choices, goals and personal aspirations, followed by periodic checks throughout the year to make sure they are achieving those goals.”

Education Journal Middle East meets Mr. Bill Delbrugge, Dunecrest Director, to learn more about his plans for #buildingdunecrest and leading the way in American education in Dubai!.

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Dunecrest’s Valedictorian and IBDP graduate, Maya el-Chal from the class of 2021 visited our campus to discuss with the 11th graders her experiences as a first-year college student. Dunecrest initiated an “alumni program” where graduates return to tell their stories during Advisory. Maya El-Chal is currently on the summer holiday from Indiana, USA where she just completed her freshman year at IUPUI. Maya is a triple major in biology, psychology, and neuroscience. Furthermore, she is minoring in Arabic and health studies, French, and art. 

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