Walk Around the Sun

Solar energy is clean, renewable and cost-effective.  The Million Solar Stars organization aims to change the world by increasing the amount of schools powered by solar energy.  
"Today, in the US, 5.5% of all K-12 schools or 7300 institutions are solar-powered with enough capacity to power 254,000 homes per year.   This represents an 81% increase in the number of US solar schools since 2014.   The Middle East is blessed with abundant solar energy.   It's time to join the movement! 
13rd Edition |  “Brighter Future, A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools” by Generation 180 | Sept 2020
This engaging family event includes:
  • Participate in 4.3 km family fun run
  • Visit outdoor solar school exhibit
  • Sign Million Solar Stars School Pledge 
  • Learn about the vision for solar schools worldwide
  • Cheer at the Solar Car Exhibition Derby 
  • Learn more at : www.millionsolarstars.org 
Register today! www.dunecrest.ae/walkaroundthesun

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