6X6 Water Warrior Workshops

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To mark Earth Day on 22 April, Project Maji and Dunecrest American School have joined forces to raise awareness around the global water crisis and to offer students and children throughout Dubai tools to contribute to solutions through the 6 x6 Water Warrior Week & Water Warrior Workshops. The collaboration is furthermore geared towards creating lasting change in water insecure communities by raising funds to support Project Maji's work in rural Kenya.  

Why Water?

785 million people in the world live without clean water.   Access to this precious resource will become increasingly more difficult in our children’s lifetime.  

What is the 6 x6 Water Warrior Challenge?

6 days x 6 water challenges aimed to educated children about the global water crisis and to offer tools to contribute solutions in a fun and engaging campaign! Children through out Dubai are invited to be changemakers by joining our Water Warrior Workshop on April 24, 3-5 pm. 

Water Warrior Workshops

Saturday, April 24th  3-5 pm

Children have the power to change the world.  Register for a thought-provoking afternoon of discovery and change-making as we learn about the global water crisis and how we can fix it. 


What are hydroponics and how can they help change the world?   Learn why astronauts use hydroponics to grow plants in space and make your very own hydroponic miniature greenhouse. Use design thinking to support your garden's growth and understand how this helps with water security.


The world is more than 70% water so why is there a water crisis?  Understand the different types of water and the hidden in water in what we eat, wear and buy.    Calculate your own water-footprint and learn how changes in lifestyle and consumption can help reduce the crisis. 


The Nile River is the longest river in the world and yet it is leading to a heated conflict.  Understand Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam project and how it may be impacting Egypt.   Go on a Virtual Reality tour of the Nile and participate in a Model UN- style debate to reach a compromise. 

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Curious about the Dunecrest experience? Watch this video and hear more from our community about why they love coming to school every day!



A non-profit social enterprise, a water NGO that exists to empower and transform lives by providing sustainable, effective and solar-powered water solutions to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

IACAD Permit Number 3739 


In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Project Maji and Dunecrest American School have come together to raise awareness around the global water crisis and offer students tools to create lasting change by raising AED 12,000 to provide sustainable access to safe water to Wendano Primary School in Machakos County, Kenya.

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Following our virtual workshops, we invite parents & children for a 45 minute keynote address

We all have the power to make the world better.   Listen to Project Maji Founder, Sunil Lalvani's inspirational story.   From Group Managing Director in a thriving family electronics business to a serendipitous trip to Ghana to delivering more than 150 million litres of safe drinking water to 65,000 people.   Be inspired to be a changemaker.

Sunil Lalvani - Founder & CEO